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Leading Laboratory Strategy

NMG provides expertise in improving overall effectiveness and in implementing such strategies as sales force development, market planning, compliance/financial auditing, and in selected cases, hands-on management responsibilities by working on-site with senior personnel in each area of need.

Our services span the entire system lifecycle, from planning to implementation and ongoing support. Your organization’s solutions must be implemented rapidly and reliably. Our project management disciplines and methodologies are designed to ensure that your goals are achieved.

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Strategic Planning

NMG has taken part in strategic initiatives at laboratories of all sizes and complexities throughout the United States.

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Management Services

NMG offers our clients the services of our consultants to provide interim lab management and leadership mentoring.

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NMG offers extensive knowledge in end-to-end outreach program optimization.

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Nichols Management Group offers proprietary benchmarking service: LabScore™.

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Cost Savings

NMG has the experience in providing cost savings in high- spend areas such as send out reference testing, blood product cost, instrumentation and labor cost.

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Revenue Cycle Management

NMG has extensive experience in bringing improved Revenue Cycle Management that leads to increased cash collections.

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Operations and Performance Improvement

NMG has built a reputation for dependability and effectiveness in cost reduction and management, operational efficiency, quality improvement and service excellence.

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Test Utilization Management

NMG has the expertise to guide your laboratory in testing menu optimization, improving order entry via best practice alerts or reference test smart routing to reduce manual errors.

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Patient Blood Management

NMG has extensive experience in implementing sustainable solutions in patient blood management for your healthcare system.

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Information Technology

NMG IT consulting offers the experience and capabilities to manage the information integration and connectivity-related issues for your organization.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Nichols Management Group has been the driving force behind many of the most successful ventures in laboratory mergers, acquisitions and other forms of collaboration.

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Advanced Technology

NMG provides the due diligence services regarding medical technology companies that have developed or are considering patented and proprietary platform or new technology.

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