For more than two decades, NMG has become nationally known for leading successful outreach programs – an industry leader in outreach strategy and implementation. We have seen that hospitals can win laboratory services market share and compete successfully with independent labs.

Nichols Management Group offers extensive knowledge in end-to-end outreach program optimization from examining the outreach market opportunity to evaluating strategies for achieving outreach growth, both internally and with potential partners.

NMG is poised to help improve your program and achieve a potential bottom line contribution margin of approximately 25-30%.

Recognizing the complex challenges facing healthcare organizations, NMG concentrates its resources on a vital but often overlooked healthcare business segment that can leverage large amounts of information at relatively little cost, thus significantly enhancing margins and generating revenues in both large integrated healthcare systems and independent/core laboratory operations.

The NMG Outreach Program optimization is fully comprehensive in the analysis and implementation of recommendations.

We are able to advise our clients on:

Growth Strategy

Develop growth strategy to help grow the outreach program that can build upon the solid infrastructure already in place or help to build out a new outreach program. NMG can assist with business development for new outreach and new clients.

Infrastructure & Capability Analysis

Review the status quo of all pertinent aspects of a successful outreach program to include but not limited to:

  • IT Connectivity
  • Billing Optimization
  • Current Client Profitability
  • Couriers
  • Client Services
  • Reporting
  • Supply Costs
  • Organizational Structure

Branding Analysis

Analyze appropriate branding of the outreach program to include potential for a name change and a differentiated marketing campaign to better position the laboratory in the outreach community

Location Analysis

Provide an assessment of Patient Service Centers status quo locations and emphasis on future specific locations within geographies.

Sales Structure

Advise and recruit sales reps, including new testing area opportunities, such as the potential for an anatomic pathology specialty sales representative(s). Training and compensation planning are also available through NMG.

Whatever the scope of your needs, NMG has worked with outreach programs nationally and can help optimize your program to profitability and improved contributions to your systems margins.