Operations and Performance Improvement

NMG will conduct an assessment for your organization, make informed recommendations, and help you develop and implement strategies to optimize your operations. More importantly, we will give you the tools to make sure that you can track your progress and ensure sustainable results and continuous improvements over time.

NMG provides laboratory operation reviews and recommendations in the following key areas:

Optimization of cost, efficiency, service and quality

NMG has the tools needed to provide overall review of your laboratory to determine productivity efficiency and cost reductions, while providing you with the best outcomes.

  • Productivity of staffing: Develop management reports that review testing by the hour and by individual testing areas which is used to set direction and measure ongoing performance.
  • Skill mixing optimization: Assess current state and develop a plan that optimizes the use of hard-to-fill positions and appropriately assigns tasks based on licensure requirements.
  • Management of staff oversight structure: Reviews the number of exempt leadership positions and the span of control based on complexity of testing departments. Recommend appropriate management structure and determine saving opportunities.

Clinical Lab Equipment, Facilities and Capacity Review

Evaluate testing menu, methodology and clinical needs of the organization against available technology and its performance. Develops a 5-to-10-year capital plan that utilizes automation while ensuring system-wide standardization is achievable. NMG is available to implement chosen technology using lean workflow design and project management support that is transferred to key individuals who will manage future projects.

  • Automation and standardization opportunities
  • Workflow re-design using Lean concepts
  • Space review and design

Regulatory assessment and remediation

NMG has the expertise and resources to build a regulatory program for an organization from the ground up as well as correct any deficiencies identified. Quality management programs, including document control and ongoing quality metrics, can be customized for your organization.

  • Preparation for accreditation, including management of document control
  • Remediation after an unsuccessful accreditation survey
  • Management tools to sustain strong performance and evaluate risks and trends.

Tools for sustainable improvement

NMG is flexible in our approach to support clients after an initial engagement. NMG takes a mentoring approach to project implementation to allow clients to learn the tools and sustain strong performance long term. Our laboratory consultants are known for their strength in building strong laboratory leaders through advisement and mentorship.

  • Project-planning notebook
  • Benchmarking subscription services
  • Relative value unit subscription service
  • Periodic check in with RCM audits
  • Contract review with technology upgrades, reference laboratory conversions and business ventures.

Supply cost

Consolidation and integration models are developed to understand opportunities where supply cost can be leveraged as a system. Partnerships with reference lab partners or other systems within the network are evaluated to leverage volumes and community referrals. Contracts are reviewed and updated to remove costly commitment terms.

  • Vendor selection and contract negotiation
  • Inventory management, including review of wastage and testing schedules
  • Point-of-care testing assessment of performance and outcomes
  • Value-based impact through development of ROI models that support the continuum of care for critical areas like sepsis, stroke and readmissions
  • Evaluation of blood management programs and recommendations with tools that optimize utilization

Reference Lab

Evaluation of reference laboratory partnership and appropriate test management.

  • Optimal test menu development and utilization program implementation
  • Reference lab selection and contract negotiations
  • IT and value-added service
  • Shared services to further optimize partnerships including opportunities for outreach

Whether your issues involve staffing, technology, quality or financial performance, NMG will guide and assist your organization to efficiency and success.