David Nichols

David Nichols

President and Founder of The Nichols Management Group

David Nichols, President and Founder of The Nichols Management Group is an expert on laboratory strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions and has frequently been quoted in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Modern Healthcare and Bloomberg.

Since founding NMG in 1988, Mr. Nichols has been fundamental in identifying, negotiating and closing acquisitions worth over $1 Billion and launching start-ups worth almost $500 million.

He has set the standard in laboratory strategic planning and operations and leads the only laboratory consulting group in the industry that has remained under the same ownership for such a length of time.

Mr. Nichols’ more than 30 years of experience includes serving as Director of Worldwide Business Planning for Allergan Pharmaceuticals and as a Director of Physician Marketing and Managed Care for SmithKline Clinical Laboratories.

David received his MBA from Cornell University and was awarded the Sloan Certificate in Hospital Administration while at Cornell. He also studied Labor Relations at University of Bath (England) and received his BBA with honors from the University of Miami.