Productivity Assessment

We will work with you to effectively manage labor costs, in a single department or throughout the lab.  Our productivity consultants have extensive experience nationwide: they know the characteristics and demands of each region and market.  An NMG Productivity Management consultation will include a staffing assessment followed by benchmarking methodologies relating to work volume and operations – resulting in improved patient and staff satisfaction while helping you meet your financial goals.


  • Staff utilization analysis, including impact of operational and functional realities on staffing requirements
  • Benchmarking techniques and targets
  • Financial opportunities and productivity standards
  • Analysis of leadership structure; ensuring support for strategic plans is in place and future operational/staffing needs are met
  • Recommendations to help meet financial goals
  • Support from a team of experts


  • Qualified department project team leaders/committee members begin the implementation process
  • Targeted improvements are initiated
  • Action plans with measurable time frames are developed
  • Corporate IT data support is provided

Result: Improvement

  • Improved processes
  • Improved productive hours per unit of service
  • Improved patient/staff satisfaction

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