Management and Recruitment Services

NMG offers several options for management services including outsourced management and interim management.  NMG also provides recruitment services.  We identify and screen potential candidates as well as develop job descriptions and recruitment advertisements and strategies.

Outsourcing can be an effective strategy for maintaining quality leadership.  At NMG our approach is to integrate ourselves into your organization.  We provide outsourced management in a number of areas:

  • General Management – Executive leadership for one or more service lines
  • Outreach Management
  • Operations – Outreach infrastructure including PSCs, logistics, IT, registration, specimen processing, client services, reporting, billing, and compliance
  • Sales Management
  • Information Technology
  • Finance and Accounting

NMG also provides Interim Management consulting services.  Our success comes from experience, flexibility, and the ability to quickly bring about significant performance improvements.  Finding the right person to lead laboratory services for your facility can take time.  Meanwhile, your organization needs quality leadership.  NMG consultants can assist in recruitment and hiring, as well as with Change Management, easing the transition process by providing training and mentoring for new leadership.  Based on data and organizational priorities, our Interim Manager will develop action plans and begin the implementation of performance improvement strategies.  Our consultants have extensive knowledge in their fields, supported by a team of experts who will conduct an assessment by analyzing data, benchmarking performance, and identifying barriers that impede optimal performance.

Functions of an Interim Manager

  • Address opportunities identified in your department
  • Financial management
  • Assist with training and development of staff
  • Smooth transition when a new candidate is found
  • Provide experience and leadership
  • Assist with current initiatives of the healthcare organization

Change Management

  • Identify the growth opportunity of current employees
  • Involve each pertinent staff member
  • Create a sense of ownership among staff
  • Communicate with staff, and learn

Specific Projects/Events

  • Strategic program planning
  • Staff development


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