Sarina Rodriques

sarinarSarina Rodriques, FACHE, MSH, CLS, MT (ASCP) DLM, Senior NMG Consultant, is a laboratory management and healthcare expert with more than 28 years’ experience. She most recently served as Administrative Director for Pathology and Laboratory Medicine for a large health system located in California, where she was responsible for laboratories with 1.7 million billable tests, 200 employees and gross revenue of $200 million. She implemented reference laboratory cost savings through standardization and utilization management.  Rapid diagnostics in microbiology was implemented and resulted in reduced length of stay and overall pharmacy costs.   Blood management and partnership with blood suppliers resulted in significant savings and improvement quality of transfusion services.  Cost saving staffing models designed to address workforce shortages and sustain retention with succession planning as the cornerstone.  Sarina has extensive knowledge in laboratory automation and implementation.  She has built laboratories from ground up where she implemented a one of a kind total lab automation system.  In addition to automation, Sarina’s expertise includes operations benchmarking of laboratories including productivity and expense review. 

Sarina is a fellow with the American College of Healthcare Executives.  In this role, she works on initiatives focused on the development of future workforce and healthcare leaders and promotes the contributions of the laboratory industry.   Sarina has served on the Board for Clinical Laboratory Management Association (CLMA). Sarina is the author of the finance section of the body of knowledge for clinical laboratory managers and teaches the prep course for the ASCP DLM exam.  

Sarina has published a number of papers in laboratory publications, including a four-part series on total laboratory automation on a hospital laboratory setting, published in Clinical Laboratory Management Review in 2007. She also is an extensive speaker, presenting on laboratory automation, leadership and clinical topics at many conferences, including the AACC annual meeting, the CLMA ThinkLab and KnowledgeLab, the Executive War College, and G2 Intelligence’s Lab Revolution.

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