George Pounds

George Pounds, CLS, MBA, consultant, has over 25 years of experience in the clinical and anatomic reference laboratory business.  He is an expert in the areas of quality management systems, leadership and technology transfer.  He is a trained and experienced CAP and ISO quality system auditor.  Mr. Pounds has managed multiple laboratories at the Director level that includes national reference labs, regional reference labs with satellite stat labs, and a molecular oncology start-up.

As a Quality and/or Operations Director, he designed and implemented a quality management system that resulted in a standard system that meets CLIA, CAP, NLSI and ISO standards.  He successfully achieved ISO 9001 certification for operations and research at a major esoteric laboratory (first in North America).  This standard quality management system was then replicated at 6 other major laboratory facilities, both domestic and international (UK, Mexico and Brazil). He led a group of Six Sigma/Lean Black Belts that produced over $12MM of cost savings in 2 years and reduced defects and errors by an average of 80%.  He also designed and implemented a business unit wide process improvement initiative that resulted in a 75% decrease in reporting errors and reduced report delays by 50% over a 4 year period.

He has co-authored several published articles and has designed and implemented multiple software templates to standardize analysis, automate processes and facilitate both performance and QC/QA metrics.

Mr. Pounds received his BS in Microbiology at California Polytech University, his CLS at Daniel Freeman Medical Center in California and an MBA at University of Redlands. He resides with his family in California.

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